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About Alex 2GUNS

Anais Almonte is Alex 2GUNS


Alex aka 2GUNS is a beautiful but dangerous Hispanic female who has been making her way on the tough streets from a young age. She's been scarred by a rough painful childhood having to street fight to survive. Alex is a very strong, fearless and highly skilled fighting badass and true leader. 

Alex 2GUNS Team

Her Team

Reunited now with her two close childhood friends, Jay and Vargo, together they take on jobs law enforcement can't and some people will pay dearly for. Jay is a tough  special forces trained fighter and handsome ladies man, Vargo is the little brother tech genius of the team who looks at life as if he's playing the coolest computer game. 

This unlikely team sets out on a thrilling journey of friendship, loyalty and adventure! 

Anais Almonte and Joseph Ariola

Anais and Joe

Alex 2GUNS is a collaborative effort between two close best friends who work timeless hours to bring you this new Latina action hero story. Their creative writing packed with real athletic fighting sequences, suspense, drama and the cool personality of their lead character "ALEX" will leave you wanting more after every episode. 

comic book

2GUNS Comic Book

Alex 2GUNS First Edition Comic Book

Limited edition first "Alex 2GUNS" comic book now on sale. Drawn by award winning illustrator, Rolo Ledesma. It is a fan collectible following Alex and her team on a life saving mission. The book is filled with extra fan posters and more!    

Her Warrior Arrow

Alex 2GUNS backstory about the arrow she wears

Alex wears an arrow head around her neck given to her by a former mercenary and  old friend "DEGAN". Its a sign the power and protection from the gods is now with , "THE NEW SUPER WARRIOR"

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Comic Posters & Shirts

Alex 2GUNS Comic Posters on sale

A full line of both comic book and show posters available now. T-Shirts, Hats and more merch coming soon!

alex 2guns merch

First Edition Comic

Alex 2GUNS First Edition Comic Bopk

Award winning illustrator, Rolo Ledesma sketched this limited edition fan comic book following Alex and her team on a thrilling mission filled with fan posters and show backstory!... $15.00

Show Posters

These 2 posters of Anais Almonte as Ales 2GUNS are a must have for all fans. 

Both are printed 11" x 17" on card stock.

$10.00 each

Alex 2GUNS and her Team

Alex 2GUNS, Jay and Vargo Colored Poster

This collector poster features Alex (Anais Almonte), Jay (Taleon Goffney) and Vargo (Paul Caamano). Get the full 2GUNS team printed 11"x 17" on card stock. $10.00

First Season Comic Montage Poster

Alex 2GUNS first season comic montage illustration

This is a collector poster featuring epic scenes from the first edition comic book. 

Poster is 10" x 18" printed on card stock


Alex Guns Show Poster

Alex 2GUNS Double Bicep Flexing Poster

This is a classic poster showing the reason Alex is nicknamed "2GUNS". Here she flexes her powerful double biceps in true Superhero fashion. 

Poster is 11" x 17" printed on card stock $10.00

Comic Book Poster Art

Alex 2GUNS First Comic Book Poster Artwork

This is a full color 11" x 17" poster cover art from the first edition comic book. 

Printed on card stock  $10.00 

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